Our Self Service Dog Wash

Take a look at this quick video to give you a great idea of how it works .  Also, see further down this page for more videos.

Doggie Fashions 'Self Service Dog Wash'

Useful Info

You bath your own dog . . . . meaning no more dirty bathrooms at home!

GREAT VALUE just £6 for 15 minutes

​Warm water, shampoos & conditioner included, blaster dryer, no appointment needed. 

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10.15am - 4.15pm

FREE PARKING.  The Dog Wash kennel is located next to Edinburgh Woollen Mill at The Trentham Estate.

PLEASE tell your friends about our Doggie Wash and help to spread the word about this brilliant facility!

How to pay

£6 minimum is required to start the machine

Purchase a DOG WASH MEMBER CARD from Doggie Fashions shop on site.

Spend £10 & over on the card and get 10% discount.  Any credits left on the card can be used the next visit.


The machine doesn’t accept credit/debit card


* USE AN OLD COLLAR:  Bring an old collar for your dog to wear in the bath, it’s going to get wet!

* BRING A TOWEL:  To help the drying process, the blaster dryers aren’t meant to get your dog completely dry but they certainly get rid of the majority of the wet.  (Top tip from us … you may want to bring a small towel for yourself … if your dog likes a good shake.)

* A SHOWER SCRUNCHIE:  It’s a great tip to use one of these to work the shampoo into a good lather on your dogs coat – it also helps to get them really clean!

Dog Wash Videos

Here's three of our furry friends using our 'Self Service Dog Wash' . . . bathtime has never been such fun!